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Lavakusa Telugu Movie Songs

Written By andhrula music on Monday, June 15, 2009 | 11:11 AM

Download Lavakusa Telugu Movie Audio Mp3 Songs

Lavakusa Telugu Movie Audio Songs
NTR, Anjali Devi, & Chittor Kanta Rao
Music : Ghantasaala
Year: 1963

.::Lavakusa Telugu Movie Audio Songs List::.

01. Sri vidhyam : Download
02. Nava ratno : Download
03. Jaya jaya ra : Download
04. Ramanna Ramuduma : Download
05. Slokam : Download
06. Edi-Challani-Vennela : Download
07. Ravanu-Samharinchi-Slokam : Download
08. Vallanoyi mama : Download
09. Ae mahaneeya : Download
10. Ye nimishaniki Emijaruguno : Download
11. Vachimpakapodune : Download
12. Jagadabhi ramudu : Download
13. Yenduke naa : Download
14. Rama kathanu : Download
15. Oorake : Download
16. Vinudu-vinidu : Download
17. Sriramuni charithamunu : Download
18. Rangaru-bangaru : Download
19. Sandehimpaku : Download
20. Aswamedha : Download
21. Savanasyambu : Download
22. Leru kusalavula : Download
23. SriBala : Download
24. Jaya rama parandhama : Download
25. Ramaswamy : Download

All Songs In a One Single File : Download
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July 10, 2012 at 6:17 AM

i love these songs

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